Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Raining Chicklets!!!!

It's been some time since I tried my hand at making a teapot. I made four of them and you can really see the difference from the 1st teapot to this 4th teapot. I thought the fourth one really nailed it on the head. I had it bisqued for a long time but I just couldn't choose a glaze for this one. It had to be just right and the glaze really had to "speak" to me. Well, as you can spoke to me alright!

As a kid I use to love getting the little packets of chicklet bubble gum. Yeah, I swallowed my gum. I couldn't help was oh so sweet and yummy. When I saw this glaze I thought of the colors of that gum. I was nervous. I was hoping that the kiln goddess was going to be kind to me and fire this piece exactly as it needed to be. I peeked into the kiln last night at 900 degrees through the peep hole with flashlight in hand. it???? Can it be??? I had a restless sleep last night knowing that I would be able to open the kiln as the peep see was hopeful.

With camera in hand in my silk not so warm robe... I skurried down the back deck stairs at dark thirty to the studio and BAM!!!! Slipped on the cold wet stairs and fell on my butt. Not to worry though, I held my camera up by it's straps and it was safe. Maybe my knee hurt a little but what the heck, my camera was safe and that was the most important thing. How else was I going to be able to share pictures of this fine explosion of color with the world???

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogged by a blogger

Our Etsy Mud team has a loyal follower. One who loves pottery. Pixie of Pixiesoap decided she would interview members of the mud team and post each interview on her blog every Monday at This Monday she posted the interview she did on me and my shop. I am honored to have been interviewed by Pixie. I encourage you to read her blog weekly to learn more about us potters. Check out Pixie's soap shop.... and make a purchase if you are so inclined. In these days of economic and financial hardship I encourage you all to support the handmade movement. By shopping handmade you are supporting your friends and neighbors.

Here are a couple of Pixies soaps.