Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Accident

I'm running low on a glaze so I'm in the studio mixing a bucket of glaze. I usually have music or the television on in my studio while I work. No problem. Right!

I use a triple beam scale with counter weights. I measured out the first ingredient and all is well. All of a sudden a ghost appears in the Louisiana mansion and.....

Yep, got absorbed in the damn movie and I can't even remember what the title of the movie is. The tare weight is no longer being calculated into my measurements so all but the first ingredient is wrong wrong WRONG!.

For the life of me I can't figure out how to recalculate to get the glaze formula in balance. An Etsy Mud Team member who was a math major in her previous life tries to help me. It's useless, I hate math.

Anyway in my attempt to correct my ghost error I mix it up and throw a test piece into the already loaded kiln.

I fuss and fidget all night as I can't believe I did something so stupid. This morning...cue the harps.....a happy accident. This is the result of my mistake. I think I'll keep this mystery glaze. A happy accident indeed