Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's A Boy

It's a boy and his name is Coco. Well, I've changed the spelling to Koko but he won't be confused because it sounds the same.

I couldn't stand the wait so David and I took our long drive to Baker City to meet with Koko and bring him home. It was a great drive home as he is very comfortable riding in the car. I do know that he was just a touch stressed because he didn't....ahem....poop the day we got him or the next day.

Once we got back to Bend he was curious about his new home and checked every room and every corner! He settled in and I think a little overwhelmed with all his new toys, doggy bed and everything in general. We were able to meet some neighbors and he played well with the chocolate lab next door. They had a good time and he finally relaxed a little. How do I know that???? Well.....he finally pooped! I know TMI too much information.

Koko will get to meet another neighbor chocolate lab today..3 in a row, go figure! And, he will get to meet his new vet on Friday for chipping and a well visit. We all went to bed last night and had a good nights rest. Koko had no reservation jumping into our bed and getting comfortable. Good thing we have a king size bed. It was good though because he is not a mover. Get's into bed and stays put. Kalani and Kahuna would move all over the place and take up most of the space forcing us to tell them to moose over!

O.K. so here was the plan...notice I said "was". Our intention was to get Koko to get use to our routine. Uh, yeah right. He let it be known that HE was ready to go for a walk. Hey! but didn't I just take you outside to do your business? You didn't do anything but....maybe you didn't want to.

First cup of coffee and read the paper? Check...NOT! As you can see with this picture Koko was ready to play or something. Good dog. He kept going to the front door and looking at me. "What" I would say knowing full well what he wanted. Oh for the love of......Ok. fine. David and I are now on schedule. Koko's schedule. It's called Koko time. LOL

Our first walk of the day was 2.5 miles and it took forever. Koko wanted to smell every tree, every rock and every bush...and mind you that's a lot of sniffing. He'll be good for us. We haven't in too long of a time taken our walks or hikes. Today, I even ran just a little with him to get both of us mentally and physically ready to run. I haven't ran in over a year and I've put on weight. Ugh. Koko to the rescue. So I think we are rescuing each other.

Tomorrow....we will have our morning paper and coffee first. Well, we're gonna try to anyway.