Monday, January 26, 2009

Art Appreciation

Check out these yunomi mugs!!! These mugs were made by another potter named Matt Brown in Moss Beach California (

The sculpture behind the mugs is titled "Deep Peace" by artist Sally Kimp an Arizona artist purchased at the Mockingbird Gallery in Bend Oregon (

I was lucky enough to have this potters help in fine tuning my blog site. Hey! I'm a potter not a technoid. Anywho I purchased from him these 3 yunomi mugs. There are no handles and they have the most beautiful earthy texture and I love the colors. Since I've received these in the mail I make every excuse to have a nice hot drink so I can use these mugs. Yeah yeah I can make my own mugs since I'm a potter also. Sure but every individual is different and every potter has their own take on their art. Not to mention that the art of clay is so diverse from low fire to high fire. Salt firing to Raku, High fire, electric, gas, Anagama and the list goes on and on. As an artist, I can appreciate the art that others create. And now....these belong to me, go get your own!


Moss Beach Ceramics said...

{blush} Thanks Ceci. A pleasure to have someone using and loving them.

Todd said...

Ceci. Those are some beautiful works of art!! I think artists appreciating each others art is true art appreciation!

klineola said...

Hi Ceci, I just posted last week about making yunomi's. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Ceci said...
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