Sunday, January 25, 2009

Different strokes!

I think I mentioned on a previous post that I was going to create work that I normally hadn't done before. So far so good. As you can see in these pictures they are not complete since they have not been glazed. I wanted to bring you along on my journey as I delve into areas I have not been before. One of the pitchers was completely hand-built and textured. The smaller ones were wheel thrown with hand-built spouts and handles added. Hey, I even threw some glasses on the wheel to go with the pitchers. Now let's see how they turn out once they've been glazed!!

I've also been making baking dishes. Part of the dishes have been wheel thrown and the bottoms were slab built. Handles were extruded and added to finish the piece. These also are in the bisqued stage and will have to be glazed and fired to complete. Of course I will post pictures once they are done. At the moment I'm waiting for some commercial glazes to be delivered so I can test them on some tiles first. Don't want to apply a glaze to a piece that I don't know how the heck it'll turn out. Ugh, that would be such a waste!! Check back later to see the finished work.

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