Monday, January 12, 2009

My Plan for 2009

Well, here I am squeezing in a picture of my new wares. This is so out of the ordinary for me to make items for the holidays. Not my norm for sure. Anyway, I will be stepping "outside of the box" so to speak as far as my pottery creation is concerned. First was making things to sell for the holidays. Another thing is creating other items I normally don't make. Until the Etsy Mud Team challange for a mug swap I really didn't make mugs. So...yup, I started making mugs. Another thing I've been making are pitcher sets for summers sitting on the deck drinking Ice Tea or Mint Juleps. I've gotta say that so far I have impressed myself. Ha!! They are still not glazed but are waiting to be bisqued fired. I will be blogging more about my process including photos so there will be more to come. Leave me comments or suggestions or even something just for moral support. Hey, it wouldn't hurt.

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